Assembly Constituency: 1-Padampur(GEN)
AC No. and Name Candidate Name Download Affidavit
1-Padampur(GEN) Biajaya Ranjan Singh Bariha-03-30.03.09 Download
1-Padampur(GEN) Biajaya Ranjan Singh Bariha-04-30.03.09 Download
1-Padampur(GEN) Bijaya Ranjan Singh Bariha-01-30.03.09 Download
1-Padampur(GEN) Bijaya Ranjan Singh Bariha-02-30.03.09 Download
1-Padampur(GEN) Pradeep Purohit Download
1-Padampur(GEN) Pradip Purohit-30.03.09 Download
1-Padampur(GEN) Satyabhusan Sahu Download
1-Padampur(GEN) Saudhanshu Sekhar Barik-30.03.09 Download
1-Padampur(GEN) Sudhansu Sekhar Barik Download

Assembly Constituency: 2-Bijepur(GEN)
AC No. and Name Candidate Name Download Affidavit
2-Bijepur(GEN) Sakuntala Mahapatra-30.03.09 Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Ashok Kumar Sahoo-30.03.09-02 Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Ashok Kumar Panigrahy-30.03.09-01 Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Ashok Kumar Panigrahy-30.03.09-02 Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Ashok Kumar Sahoo-30.03.09-01 Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Jagatram Putel-30.03.09 Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Kuber Jal Yadav-30.03.09 Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Mohammad Rafique-30.03.09 Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Prabhat Adity Mishra-30.03.09-01 Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Prabhat Adity Mishra-30.03.09-02 Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Subal Sahu-30.03.09 Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Md Rafik Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Milan Mahattam Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Narendra Hota Download
2-Bijepur(GEN) Sachidananda Patra Download
Assembly Constituency: 3-Bargarh(GEN)
AC No. and Name Candidate Name Download Affidavit
3-Bargarh(GEN) Debendra Swain Download
3-Bargarh(GEN) Ananda Acharya Download
3-Bargarh(GEN) Janaki Dora Download
3-Bargarh(GEN) Lingaraj Pradhan Download
3-Bargarh(GEN) Pramod Luhura Download
3-Bargarh(GEN) Sadhu Nepak Download
3-Bargarh(GEN) Sanjukta Sika Download
3-Bargarh(GEN) Sukanta Dash Download
3-Bargarh(GEN) Sureswar Satpathy Download
Assembly Constituency: 4-Attabira(SC)
AC No. and Name Candidate Name Download Affidavit
4-Attabira(SC) Binod Ram Urmi Download
4-Attabira(SC) Bipin Bhusagar Download
4-Attabira(SC) Bipin Bhusagar_2 Download
4-Attabira(SC) Bipin Bhusagar_3 Download
4-Attabira(SC) Chamar Mahananda Download
4-Attabira(SC) Lalit Kumar Seth Download
4-Attabira(SC) Milan Seth Download
4-Attabira(SC) Mukteswar Meher_2 Download
4-Attabira(SC) Nihar Ranjan Mahananda Download
4-Attabira(SC) Nihar Ranjan Mahananda_2 Download
4-Attabira(SC) Premananda Kandher Download
4-Attabira(SC) Premraj Nial Download
4-Attabira(SC) Premraj Nial_2 Download
4-Attabira(SC) Radheshyam Seth Download
4-Attabira(SC) Snehangini Chhuria Download
4-Attabira(SC) Snehangini Chhuria_2 Download
4-Attabira(SC) Snehangini Chhuria_3 Download
4-Attabira(SC) Snehangini Chhuria_4 Download
4-Attabira(SC) Snehanginichhuria Download
4-Attabira(SC) Snehanginichhuria_2 Download
4-Attabira(SC) Snehanginichhuria_4 Download
4-Attabira(SC) Braja Mohan Kalet_1 Download
4-Attabira(SC) Braja Mohan Kalet_2 Download
4-Attabira(SC) Mukteswar Meher Download
Assembly Constituency: 5-Bhatli(GEN)
AC No. and Name Candidate Name Download Affidavit
5-Bhatli(GEN) Bimbadhar Kuanr Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Benudhar Mahapatra Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Bimbadhar Kuanr_2 Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Bimbadhar Kuanr_3 Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Dhanpati Sahu Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Gouranga Padhan Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Gouranga Padhan_2 Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Om Prakash Agrawal Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Prakash Chandra Debta Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Prakash Chandra Debta_2 Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Prakash Chandra Debta_3 Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Prakash Chandra Debta_4 Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Rabi Shankar Pradhan_1 Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Rabi Shankar Pradhan_2 Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Rajani Padhan Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Susanta Singh Download
5-Bhatli(GEN) Susanta Singh_2 Download
Assembly Constituency: 6-Brajarajnagar(GEN)
AC No. and Name Candidate Name Download Affidavit
6-Brajarajnagar(GEN) Anup Kumar Sai Download
6-Brajarajnagar(GEN) Dilip Kumar Badhai Download
6-Brajarajnagar(GEN) Ram Sahaya Panda Download
6-Brajarajnagar(GEN) Suresh Pujari Download
6-Brajarajnagar(GEN) Tarini Sahu Download
6-Brajarajnagar(GEN) Bhaskar Gardia Download
6-Brajarajnagar(GEN) Johankumarnayak Download
6-Brajarajnagar(GEN) Md. Aktar Download
6-Brajarajnagar(GEN) Sanjay Kumarray Download
Assembly Constituency: 7-Jharsuguda(GEN)
AC No. and Name Candidate Name Download Affidavit
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Badal Bihari Dash Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Banamali Kisan Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Bhubaneswar Gardia Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Bijay Kumar Jalan Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Dinesh Kumar Jain Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Gobind Agrawal Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Hiralal Dhurua Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Kishore Kumar Mohanty Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Mitrabhanu Patel Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Naba Kishore Das Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Pankaj Chhatria Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Pradeep Kumar Patel Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Purna Chandra Naik Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Ram Prasad Sahu Download
7-Jharsuguda(GEN) Tarun Kumar Pandey Download
Assembly Constituency: 8-Talsara(ST)
AC No. and Name Candidate Name Download Affidavit
8-Talsara(ST) Baikuntha Kalo Download
8-Talsara(ST) Baikuntha Taudia Download
8-Talsara(ST) Binaya Kumar Toppo Download
8-Talsara(ST) Biremdra Ku Bhagat Download
8-Talsara(ST) Birendra Kr Bhagat Download
8-Talsara(ST) Dr.Prafulla Majhi Download
8-Talsara(ST) Jatia Sa Download
8-Talsara(ST) Kunjalata Bhitria Download
8-Talsara(ST) Lalindra Kumar Gidhi Download
8-Talsara(ST) Paschal Barla Download
8-Talsara(ST) Puspanjali Bhitria Download
8-Talsara(ST) Sahadev Xaxa Download
8-Talsara(ST) Purna Chandra Minj Download
Assembly Constituency: 9-Sundargarh(ST)
AC No. and Name Candidate Name Download Affidavit
9-Sundargarh(ST) Anna Kujur Download
9-Sundargarh(ST) Dilip Tete Download
9-Sundargarh(ST) Harsa Bandhan Chhhatria Download
9-Sundargarh(ST) Harsa Bardhan Chhatria Download
9-Sundargarh(ST) Jogesh Kumar Singh Download
9-Sundargarh(ST) Mitrabhanu Kisan Download
9-Sundargarh(ST) Parkhit Bhitria Download
9-Sundargarh(ST) Premsagar Oram Download
9-Sundargarh(ST) Sulagna Bhoi Download
9-Sundargarh(ST) Sunil Kumar Singh Deo Download
Assembly Constituency: 10-Biramitrapur(ST)
AC No. and Name Candidate Name Download Affidavit
10-Biramitrapur(ST) George Tirkey Download
10-Biramitrapur(ST) Albertgerogetirkey Download
10-Biramitrapur(ST) Gandrubarla Download
10-Biramitrapur(ST) Nihar Surin Download
10-Biramitrapur(ST) Raison Tirki Download
10-Biramitrapur(ST) Ramchandraamat Download
10-Biramitrapur(ST) Sahan Mundari Download
10-Biramitrapur(ST) Sanjeebpratapsinghdeo Download
10-Biramitrapur(ST) Serophinatoppo Download
10-Biramitrapur(ST) Theophiltirkey Download
10-Biramitrapur(ST) Raisontirki Download
10-Biramitrapur(ST) Pradeep Minz Download
Assembly Constituency: 11-Raghunathpali(SC)
AC No. and Name Candidate Name Download Affidavit
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Anand Sagar Tanty Download
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Bairagi Tanty Download
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Duryodhan Kalet Download
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Gopal Das Download
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Krishna Chandra Swain Download
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Mangaraj Bisoi Download
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Mansukh Samasi Download
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Prafulla Kumar Sunyani Download
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Santosh Kumar Behera Download
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Satya Narayan Sethi Download
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Shyam Sundar Badaik Download
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Subrat Tarai Download
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Sukru Bibhar Download
11-Raghunathpali(SC) Baruna Ku Sethi Download
Assembly Constituency: 12-Rourkela(GEN)
AC No. and Name Candidate Name Download Affidavit
12-Rourkela(GEN) Bibhuti Bhusan Parida Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Birajanandansingh Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Gadadhar Mishra Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Gyana Ranjan Nayak Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Hitendra Nag Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Jaysingh Singh Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Kamal Majhi Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Nihar Mohanty Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Paschal_Barla Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Prasanta_Kumar_Behera Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Ramesh_Kumar_Agrawal Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Rashid_Aslam Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Sarada_Prasad_Nayak Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Mahipal Singh Download
12-Rourkela(GEN) Omprakashkhandewalpdf Download
Assembly Constituency: 13-Rajgangpur(ST)
AC No. and Name Candidate Name Download Affidavit
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Raghupati Lakra Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Benedick Tirkey Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Dipek Kumar Soreng Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Gregory Minz Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Halu Mundari Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Halu Mundary Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Jeram Ekka Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Jerom Ekka Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Mahendra Kr Majhi Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Mahendra Ku Majhi Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Mohan Lal Kishan Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Mohanlal Kishan Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Narayan Devsa Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Padmini Naik Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Sahindra Barwa Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Sanika Oram Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Santosh Minze Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Suroj Kishor Kujur Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) Vijay Oram Download
13-Rajgangpur(ST) William Xess Download
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